Retina Display set for new iPad Mini 2

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The iPad Mini has been a huge success with over 3 million sold during its opening weekend. It’s only just been released but there are already many rumours floating around the web about its replacement, the iPad Mini 2.

One of the big downsides to the new iPad Mini is the lack of a retina screen, many people have hesitated to buy the new iPad Mini due to th
is and wait till the next version is out, which will hopefully include the beautiful retina display. And it should have a retina display according to a Chinese tech site, which has a very good track record of reputability. They say Apple suppliers already have retina displays in the works for the next ten iPad Mini, the iPad Mini 2

With the iPad Mini 2 having the same resolution as the current iPads , all the games and apps, which are optimized for the iPad, will look absolutely stunning on the smaller screen on the

iPad Mini.Sources in Apple’s supply chain apparently disclosed to DoNewsthat AU Optonics, who currently supply the displays for the iPad Min
i, are already making a new  2048 x 1536retina screen for the next iPad Mini (twice as many pixels than the current iPad mini)Some sources claim Apple will be using one of Sharps technologies (IGZO technology) in the next Gen iPad Mini, which allows the display to be eve

n thinner and more efficient with power while still having amazing colour and great brightness.

The iPad mini 2 is also rumored to start producing later this year, with a launch in the Fall of 2013 (most likely in October, 1 year later from the original iPad Mini launch).

Would you be more likely to buy the iPad mini if it had a retina display? Tell us your thoughts below in the comments.


8 Comments to Retina Display set for new iPad Mini 2

  1. Hey guys,I got a brand new black Ipad 2 32 GB with Wi-Fi and 3G. It is unlocked and comes with a one year Applecare waartnry. I won this Ipad at a company banquet and don’t need it cause i already have one. PayPal only, 350.00 OBO. If you are interested please email LNovack52 @

  2. Can’t wait the Ipad mini 2 They just release the ipad mini for initial release lol.. but i’m suprise that they sold 3million ipad mini in there launch event

    • While I haven’t used it in a real’ situation yet (paid for the Pilot licsene), I like the look of , which allows the Pilot to control multiple Passenger iPads in a presentation. Setup is straightforward (critical for the presentation situation), and it integrates with Linkedin for a richer experience, and Dropbox for ease of Pilot use.Good stuff!

  3. Yes, Im very Much Interested in iPad mini 2,
    I have ipad 3 & i use it inside ( only ) like a lap top.
    as to bulky to take places,
    I dont need iPhones, as we have a landline ( a phone package ) & we don’t use phone much,
    Were older people,
    I did Look at iPad mini ( first generation ) but i can tell it has no retina display,
    although the size Is really cool,
    I do not Want Any more IPADS as I’m very Happy/ Content/ with my iPad 3
    Had it since 2012,
    It would be stepping Backwards to get the iPad mini ( first generation ) it would be like iPad 2 ( to me )
    i take lots of pictures of nature & it looks beautiful on my iPad 3,
    Im not Interested in ipad 456 Or what ever !!
    i just want the little sister to my iPad 3 LOL
    so hurry up with iPad mini 2,
    I will wait for iPad mini 2,
    No matter how long it takes,
    i do NOT want any other Tablets ( only apple )
    i started with apple & apple is the best,
    we have a Apple Mac desk top computer & love it!!!
    Hurry up Apple,
    I want my little sister to my iPad 3,
    i want ipad mini 2

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