iPad mini inspired iPad 5 due for release in march

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less than six months after releasing the fourth gen iPad, Apple is readying the release of another update to its iPad range in march, a new report claims. The iPad 5th generation (or iPad 5) is said to be smaller and lighter than the current instalment, with narrower side bezels like those on the iPad Mini being a possibility.

In what surely has to be one of the final Apple-related rumors of 2012 (only 1 day left of 2012) – and there have been a good deal of rumors this year– the electronic giant is reportedly just 3 months away from revialing to the world yet another update to its full-sized 9.7-inch iPad.

Macotakara (from where the claims come from) says that according to “an inside source” the fifth-gen iPad will be announced in March 2013, less than six months after the launch of the current version the iPad 4 (which was introduced to the apple family along side the ipod updates). The new device will be 4mm shorter, 2mm thinner and 17mm narrower, a big decrease that seems to suggest that the side bezels of the iPad 5 will resemble those of its little brother, the iPad Mini.
The website failed to note any under-the-hood changes that might occur with the next version. A 1.3GHz A6X dual core processor is what poers the current iPad, a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera and 5-megapixel rear-facing camera, all of which could be improved in the iPad 5.

Macotakara’s report also says the tech giant is currently working on the next gen iPad Mini, expected to launch with a Retina display and faster A6X processor maybe in march with the iPad 5.

Do you think Apple will really release the next gen iPad only 6 months after releasing the current one? In the past the iPads have been unveiled in the march/april time, and the current gen iPad might have been forced to be released due to the new lightning connector. Let us know in the comments below your thoughts.


5 Comments to iPad mini inspired iPad 5 due for release in march

  1. who knows… They release the Ipad 4 because they want to change the ipad 3 (the lighting port connector) and I hope they release the refresh product in march and stop producing or refreshing apple products every 6months that would really hurt people’s feeling it’s like outdated devices

  2. Ipad Mini-2 should have: (i) Retina Display; (2) 2 Gig Ram; (3) Upgraded IOS; (4) 32 Gig Memory; (5) 8 Gig Camera; and, finally (6) more competitive price please.

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