iPad Mini 2 May Be Delayed Until 2014

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For those who are avidly waiting for the release of the iPad Mini 2, I’m sorry to say that your hopes might not be fulfilled until early next year. According to industry sources, the production of the new iPad Mini will not begin until Q4 2013, which means that you won’t be able to purchase one before Christmas.

Why isn’t Apple releasing the product this year? Well, the very secretive nature of the company makes it almost impossible to ascertain their real motives: perhaps they are investing a lot of time into the development of the product. I must say that the second iteration of the iPad Mini seems rather impressive: for one it boasts a 2048 by 1536 resolution Retina panel that simply blows away the competition. Moreover, Apple is supposedly introducing slimmer bezels to maximize the area available for the actual display.

To satisfy the people who want iPad Minis for Christmas, Apple is reportedly intending to produce an updated version of the iPad Mini that includes minor modifications. By ‘minor’, I really do refer to insignificant changes that are probably not visible to the naked eye. This updated version of the iPad Mini will be somewhat lighter and thinner than the current model. Apple may also improve the specifications slightly, just so that they can justify the price tag. In my opinion, you shouldn’t really consider buying this product (if it is to be released – after all we know very little about any Apple product until it is announced officially) as it doesn’t seem to offer many benefits to the existing model. Being patient for a few months will probably provide you with a much improved iPad Mini.

Unfortunately for us, the information about the iPad Mini 2 is still shrouded in mystery. Apple likes to maintain the suspense until the product is launched, so a significant portion of the information released online is usually fake. For example, Digitimes (the website that published these claims) has released incorrect information about Apple products in the past. I do not mean to say that this information is spurious, but there is a chance that it could be.

I am quite sure that Apple will release some genuine information soon enough: in the past, they have always announced a new model in a product range every year. The iPad Mini was announced on the 23rd of October 2012, so Apple might release some information by that date this year.


4 Comments to iPad Mini 2 May Be Delayed Until 2014

  1. Well im still waiting for iPad mini 2,
    No rush for me,
    i have my iPad 3 & i will NOT buy The newer iPads as This iPad does What i want,
    I just Hope I pad min 2 Will hurry up,
    I will not buy a First generation of iPad min,
    I love taking pictures with retina display,

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