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Since we’re not only posting about the Ipad mini 2 and there no pictures available yet. Here some awesome Ipad mini 1 pictures, to get you ready for the Ipad mini 2! I can’t wait, can you?


Apple Ipad 3, Apple Ipad mini and the Iphone 5 compared in size. (photo CNET)

A plastic back, not like the Ipod or Ipad, very quick scratches on your back. (photo Apple)

Playing a HD game on the Ipad mini. (photo CNET)

Which is better? The Nexus 7, iPad Mini, Nook HD, or Kindle Fire HD. (photo CNET)

Watching a move on the Ipad min. (photo CNET)


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    • Here are the differences:The iPad 2;- 2x the prsnisoecg speed (makes everything you do faster, apps load and perform faster. Less lag)- 9x the graphics power games will appear alot smoother when you playing them. Especially games with high graphics.- 33% thinner (feels so much better in your hands)- lighter- dual cameras (front and back for recording video, and taking pictures. Front camera is for Skype and video calling)

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